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Portobelo National Park

Welcome to the beautiful Portobelo National Park, a special place recognized as a World Heritage Site. Ciel y Miel is right in the heart of the park, offering a luxury hotel experience surrounded by untouched nature.

The park is mostly unexplored, and scientists are regularly discovering new species here. You don't have to go on long hikes or spend too much time to see the amazing natural wonders. They are right here at Ciel y Miel. For example, we often have Howler monkeys visiting our hotel, and they give a warm welcome with their unique calls. If you don't hear them right away, you'll definitely hear them at some point.

You might even see a sloth slowly climbing a tree while you walk to have breakfast. Nature is very present in this place.

And there's more to explore along the protected 70km coastline. The Caribbean Sea is home to diverse marine life like sharks, dolphins, and rays, which are just as breathtaking as the animals on land. However, seeing them requires more effort than observing the monkeys from your room.

If you want to get even closer to nature and fully immerse yourself in the surroundings, our tour guide Jason will be happy to show you around. He's originally from America but has spent most of his life in South America, particularly in the Portobelo National Park for the past 14 years. Jason has been involved in creating trails in the park and is always at the forefront of discovery and scientific exploration. He'll be your guide, sharing insights into the captivating world of the Portobelo jungle.


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