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Remote and unknown to all but the most intrepid, Ciel y Miel is an idyllic base from which to embark on an incredible marine safari all the way to the rainforest. Move seamlessly on foot or by boat to access the endless nature of the ocean. There are countless of  activities and adventures to choose from. Snorkel or dive, exploring the wonders that the Caribbean Sea offers; explore the biodiversity of Portobelo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site . Our dedicated Adventure Coordinator will help you select the activities that are available and help you make the most out of your time here. After enjoying your favorite activities, you can relax with a room service massage.

 We hope to see you soon!

The Adventure awaits you
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Paddle Boarding
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Boat Tours
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Wildlife Conservation
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Horseback Riding

Kayak & Paddle Boarding

Four miles of protected coastline with amazing caves, beaches, and coral reefs waiting to be discovered. Stand-up paddle boarding will allow you to see and appreciate new aspects of the natural beauty of the mangroves and waters of Ciel y Miel. 

Boat Tours

A boat tour is a great way to begin  your vacation and get to know the area around Ciel y Miel. If weather permits, we will take you on an adventure around the mangroves, bays, caves, and beaches.

Boat in the Sea
Boat Tours


Explore the bottom of the ocean and the exotic fish, coral reefs, dolphins, turtles, starfish, angelfish and other wonderful animal that call these waters homes. Come talk to us at the front desk and we can direct you to the best snorkeling areas.


Jungle Hikes

These guided hikes take you to several different areas of the place where you can discover the intricacies of Ciel y Miel unique ecosystems. As you progress from the beauty of old growth jungle to sprawling, palm-fringed beaches, your guide will point out myriad flora and fauna while describing the interconnected ecologies of our wild ecosystem. Treks include walks through the jungle and lush hillsides, secret beaches and natural pools, and other activities depending on the season.


 Conservation Center

The Conservation Center specializes in rescuing contraband animal and breeding endangered species from rare birds to primates and other mammals. The Center collaborates with the Dallas World Aquarium Zoo to develop preservation plans for the Green Aracari and other toucan breeds. This experience is amazing if you are an animal lover.

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